Bye-bye bikini as one-piece suit sales soar

JOG Swimwear

JOG Swimwear

One-piece swimsuits are selling better in the UK than bikinis, according to a new report from auction website eBay.

Total swimsuit and beachwear sales on eBay have increased by over 80 percent in the last month, with over half of shoppers purchasing one-piece suits for a 110 percent increase in sales of the style. Celebrities are also following the trend, and Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Carrie Underwood have all been captured by the press in one-piece suits.

The eBay report also revealed women from Northern Ireland as the most conservative swimwear shoppers, with 73 percent purchasing one-piece suits. However, one in five Yorkshire women was shown to have selected a push-up bikini, whilst one in ten London women chose a bandeau top.

Asda has also seen a dramatic rise in the sale of one-piece suits, reporting a 48 percent increase. A study from the retailer also showed 68 percent of women consider their stomach a problem area when choosing swimwear, providing an additional reason for the increased popularity of one-piece styles.

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